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KiKi´s infectious energy, transparent style and sheer refusal to "blend in" has earned her the "Consummate Provocateur" moniker.

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SEXpert & Relationship Mechanic™ 

KiKi the SEXpert -- Stresses the importance of finding the imbalance in your own personal  relationship with sex, as sex is at the very core of our ability to have a balanced life.  Once you begin to understand your own perceptions about sex, you can see how those views can cause dysfunction in more than the bedroom.

KiKi the Relationship Mechanic™  -- Inspects, diagnoses, and assists clients with repairing emotional, social, and sexual defects that have a negative impact on their relationships. Including but not limited to: Assisting clients  with adjusting the thoughts, words and behaviors that  have kept them stuck repeating negative patterns based on their social conditioning. KiKi assists her clients with identifying their own personal "WHY", which in turn creates balance that will help them navigate and steer them towards healthy & productive relationships..

KiKi is available for one-on-one coaching, group coaching sessions, tele-coaching and virtual (video) coaching.  Book a session NOW!

Motivational Speaker


KiKi uses her personal experiences to connect with her audience. She has an unapologetic contempt for conventional thought which has a way of getting the uncomfortable conversation started.

KiKi Richardson is available as a guest speaker for seminars, workshops, media forum discussions and other events on the topic of relationship subjects dealing with, but not limited to:

  • “The List”: The mate selection process
  • Relationship Re-education: Realistic not Idealistic
  • Cheating: Know the Code! (the other person)
  • Cheating: Know the Code! (the cheater)
  • Infidelity: Suspicion, Discovery & the Aftermath
  • Relationship Principles: Build a strong foundation!
  • Frenemies:  The Friend Commandments
  • Living Unapologetically: Authentically Me!
  • Sexuality: Expression or Repression
  • Single & Successful??
  • Break up to prevent Breaking Down



Where most experts run away from controversy KiKi runs towards it because she understands that the healing can only begin with the uncomfortable conversation!  Her debut book will begin the conversation necessary to discuss the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

KiKi takes off the gloves and confronts one of the biggest taboo topics in relationships today--Infidelity!

Radio/TV Personality

KiKi's infectious energy and style and sheer refusal to "blend in" has earned her the "Consummate Provocateur" moniker. Her provocative, transparently real approach motivates, inspires, transcends boundaries and appeals to extremely diverse audiences.

She  is...
Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC™!!!

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