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KiKi Richardson 
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In most Western cultures, sex has been taboo.  It is much like the other topics we are not supposed to discuss, like politics and religion.  This secrecy of “don’t ask don’t tell” has stunted our sex lives and the truth is, it is not our fault.  We have been conditioned by society and forced to learn about sex from what our parents told us, what we heard as teenagers, movies/media and yes...even through our religious beliefs! 


Think about it....Women have been taught to believe in the fairytale of sexual relationships while men have been steered to the wham bam thank you ma’am idea. Bottom line is, once you begin to understand your own perceptions about sex, you can see how those views can cause dysfunction in more than the bedroom.



My job is to show you…

  • How to re-condition your thoughts and beliefs about Sex;

  • Recognize and harness the wonderful power of Sexual Energy;

  • Understand that sex starts long before you climb into bed;

  • How to be ok knowing that Sex is not the same for everyone; and

  • Empower you to take control of your Sex Life!

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